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Nepal Trendmark

Nepal Trendmark is one of the Best whole saller in the Kathmandu Nepal.

Welcome to Nepal Trendmark wholesale bags purses and mens wear category, our collection is a unique and fast selling range with new designs arriving on a monthly basis. The collection is curated by our in house team of highly skilled stylists and buyers, they carefully research all the latest trends and designs before purchasing each season. The collection is made to a high quality with all stock being extensively checked at the point of manufacture, this ensures standards are kept to an excellent level at all stages of the manufacturing process. We purchase our bags,purses and mens wear in long production runs and import stock on full containers, this ensures our pricing remains very competitive.

You can also order all our wholesale bags and purses by colour rather than in multi packs, this makes sure you are always ordering exactly what you want, then reordering exactly what you have sold.

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satish 10-12-2018


Ramesh acharya 07-10-2018


Bartaraj Pyakurel 07-10-2018


Bhupendra wasti 04-10-2018


Meghraj Kafle 02-10-2018

nice information

keshav adhikari 29-09-2018

k kam

Tej Bahadur Bohara 25-09-2018


Narayan B Shrestha 25-09-2018


Chandan Rajbanshi 24-09-2018

Best whole seller

Roshan Dongol 16-09-2018


Vijan Shrestha 11-09-2018


Janak Dhakal 09-09-2018


Arjun Rimal 09-09-2018


Bhupendra 08-09-2018


Punyaram Sukupayo 07-09-2018

Nepal Trendmark

Janak Dhakal 06-09-2018


Sachin Shakya 05-09-2018

best whole sale

neymar manandhar 05-09-2018


sakrish manandhar 05-09-2018


laxmi bhandari 31-08-2018


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